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The Indian Army powered by Tata Power Solar

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Tata Power Solar has a rich history of developing multiple solar projects for the local and state government for the last 25 years. Tata Power Solar has empowered entire remote regions, with no access to an electricity grid, with energy independence, bringing about an irreversible change in the lives of the community and their people. To lead projects with perfect execution in difficult terrains as well as to deliver solutions unique to the clients’ requirements played a significant role in the selection of Tata Power Solar as the preferred solar power developer for the Indian Army. Lighting up the Indian borders is yet another successful project by Tata Power Solar, showcasing the experience and rigor needed to implement projects in dramatically difficult terrains and weather conditions.

Project overview

Tata Power Solar deployed multiple projects for the Indian Defense services, including the units of SSB (Shashtra Seema Bal), BSF (Border Security Force), ITBF (Indo Tibetan Border Force) and Northern Command, fulfilling  theirfulfilling their unique requirements of lighting in the border regions. Tata Power Solar has supplied, installed and maintained over 5000 streetlights along the borders of Nepal, Bangladesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar, West Bengal and Assam, generating over 2MW per year.

Challenges & our solutions

Extreme and unpredictable weather conditions: During this project, Tata Power Solar had to supply, install and maintain solar products in hard-to-access locations. One of the major challenges was to cross rough patches of terrain to reach the access points at the different state borders like Bihar and Nepal, while other challenges involved battling an altitude of over 18,000 ft above sea level in sub-zero temperatures and working in varied extreme weather conditions in Assam and J&K. Tata Power Solar's rich expertise in deploying solutions in such difficult terrains coupled with its capability to design components that are easy to transfer and account for these conditions when planning for the project, have helped it overcome these challenges.

Powering systems on the go: The Indian Army not only requires power solutions that are portable but also one that can charge their systems, through which they setup unique communication channels to maintain data security. To address this, Tata Power Solar custom-designed solar panels and charge controllers to meet the load factor required for such an application. The team’s technical capabilities as well as the breadth of work that was done in this space is what made the armed forces trust Tata Power Solar to deliver these requirements.

Mobile power solution: The nature of work requires the border security forces to be constantly on the move and outdoors. This was a key necessity and challenge, coupled with the need for their lighting, communication and surveillance equipment to be constantly charged. Understanding this  requirement, Tata Power Solar custom designed the man pack which is a portable, lightweight, high output, solar power system that is suitable for satellite telephones, radio transceivers, video cameras, surveillance sensors and for any other kind of equipment with built-in batteries that need charging and can be worn and carried around in a bag pack.


Consistent, self-sustaining source of power: The Indian Army, always on the move, found it very hard to rely on conventional sources of energy as they were heavily dependent on diesel which due to the remote locations had to be carried around. The portable lighting solutions as well as the unique portable mini power packs designed by Tata Power Solar helped provide them with access to a source of energy that was portable, easy to maintain and very reliable as well.

Cost savings over conventional power source by switching to solar: Tata Power Solar' innovative product range not only provides basic water, heat, light and power but does so in a cost effective way. This was substantiated yet again as, compared to the light and power solutions powered by conventional sources, the solar powered Tata Power Solar lighting and mini power pack solutions came at a lesser cost due to the non-dependence on diesel and also being easy to maintain.


The project deployed for the Indian Army helps provide an essential service and also reinforcing the safe environment much needed by the forces for national security.

Highlight is that while Tata Power Solar provided the required border lighting, it this with no dependence on the grid and in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.