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What is solar power?

The sun has been burning and providing heat and light for thousands of years. The ability to harness this energy from the sun to generate heat or electricity basically is solar power.

This form of energy offers numerous benefits when compared to more traditional forms of power.

Clean Produces no fumes
Quiet Less sound pollution unlike diesel generators
Renewable Unlike coal and other fossil fuels

How can we use the sun’s energy?

Solar energy can be used for potable water or Irrigation (e.g. solar water pumps). Potable water or Irrigation (e.g. solar water pumps)
Solar energy can be used for photovoltaic power (eg. a solar cells). Light or photovoltaic power (eg. a solar cells)

Why use solar power?

Unlike traditional energy sources, the sun produces enough energy each second to sustain our power needs for 500,000 years!

The continuous emission of energy isn’t the only positive aspect of incorporating solar power for your requirements.

Economically sensible There are 0 recurring costs on solar power supply.
Environmentally sustainable Solar power will not run-out like traditional power sources such as fossil fuels.
for thought
1kW Solar power saves -
  • 77 kg coal from being burned
  • 397 litres of water consumption
  • 136 kg of CO2 being released into
    the atmosphere

Tata Power Solar: Leading the Way as a Top Solar Manufacturer in India

As the world turns its attention towards cleaner, more sustainable forms of energy, solar power continues to gain prominence as a viable alternative to traditional power sources. Tata Power Solar, one of the top solar system companies in India, has been harnessing the sun's energy to supply solar power solutions to government bodies, power utilities, large corporates, and industrial establishments. Explore the benefits of solar power, how solar modules function, and the advantages of using Tata Power Solar products.

Tata Power Solar: A Pioneer among Solar Module Manufacturers in India

Tata Power Solar is recognised as one of the top solar system companies in India, providing a range of solar solutions to various sectors. Our Bengaluru manufacturing capabilities include 682 MW of modules and 530 MW of cells. At our facilities, we produce top-notch bifacial modules equipped with ground-breaking features that are poised to lead the path towards a brighter future. As part of an ambitious initiative in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, we are embarking on a groundbreaking venture to establish a manufacturing facility with an impressive capacity of 4.3 GW for both modules and cells. Its high-quality solar modules offer several features, contributing to the increasing adoption of solar power in India:

  • High-efficiency solar modules: Tata Power Solar's cutting-edge technology ensures maximum conversion of sunlight into electricity, resulting in high-efficiency solar panels.
  • Durability and reliability: Tata Power Solar panels undergo rigorous testing, ensuring durability, resilience, and long-lasting performance, even in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Comprehensive warranty: 25 years of warranty. The Company offers a comprehensive warranty for its solar modules, guaranteeing their performance and providing peace of mind to customers.

Embrace the Future with Tata Power Solar Solutions

As one of the leading solar module manufacturers in India, Tata Power Solar has been at the forefront of providing innovative solar power solutions to government bodies, power utilities, large corporates, and industrial establishments. With an unrivalled track record in the renewable energy sector, Tata Power Solar offers a range of solar products and services designed to help you harness the sun's energy efficiently and cost-effectively.

It's time to move towards a cleaner, more sustainable power source. Embrace the future of energy with Tata Power Solar - to know more.