CSR initiatives at Tata Power Solar CSR initiatives at Tata Power Solar

Energizing lives is intertwined with ESG mandate. The experiential learning model of Urja generates and promotes awareness on the just transition from Brown Energy to Green Energy consumption. This intervention creates an ecosystem which enhances shared value generation in close partnership with community Institutions like- PHC/Schools/Police Stations/Anganwadi's. Urja adopts Participatory approach to stay attuned with the stakeholders.

Under Education thematic area

  • Bihar
  • Chayyan School students, Rajasthan
  • Gariyadhar Ploice Station, Bihar
  • H_S corner, Satara MH
  • Loharki school, Rajasthan
  • MP
  • Balaa
  • Science Fair
  • TN Digital
  • Urja Melaa
  • WLC MP

Launch of science based experiential learning initiative with emphasis on clean energy models in 260+ schools in India with an aim to impact around 32,000+ children enrolled in Govt. schools across 25 district in 9 states. This program was launched under the intervention name Urja: Energizing Lives integrating overall development of school going children through science based learning and clean energy table top models.

Health and Sanitation corners established under the programme provides school students awareness on behavioral change on WASH along with significance of menstrual hygiene.

Ensuring access to safe drinking water is another critical objective targeted under the programme to strengthen the community institutions.

BaLA (Building as Learning Aid) - Added new colors to Urja through BaLA (Building as Learning Aid)- Due to the remoteness of the location, govt schools often lack proper infrastructure to captivate the students and enhance their learning skills which results in high rates of drop outs, to address this concern, we introduced BaLA (Building as Learning Aid). The BaLA paintings stimulates the curiosity among children to learn through visual depictions. We have deployed BaLA models in 78 schools across Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu.

Technology is the need of the hour, through virtual learning students can connect with education ecosystem easily and add to their learning power. In FY23 30 digital classrooms were set up in Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu.

Community Women - Launched 10 Women Literacy Centers in Rajasthan, MP, Gujarat, Punjab, Bihar and UP. 150 women were benefitted through this initiative. The aim of this intervention is to raise the importance of education among rural women and make them literate in the coming future.

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URJA - 'Lab on Bike'

The sheer objective of the intervention is to develop a solid knowledge base among students and enhance their interest in Science. Hands on experiential learning helps them to understand the practical aspect of Science which was formerly missing due to their inaccessibility to modern education system.

Benefit to the community - This initiative will directly benefit the students who are the torchbearer of our environment protection actions. This intervention strengthens their ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills, nurturing their creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills and also exhibit green energy as a reliable and sustainable source of energy.

Renewables participated in National Level Science model competition on "Energy Conservation, Climate Change and Sustainable Tomorrow" organized in Delhi. 06 teams of 35 students and teachers from 05 States- (MP, Punjab, MH, AP and KA) participated in this event. KA team bagged second prize competing against 07 states team.

Financial Inclusivity:

  • Chayyan, Loharki Rajasthan
  • Chayyan, Loharki,Rajasthan

With the rationale of providing financial accessibility to the last mile, we have facilitated and leveraged access to welfare schemes impacting more than 70,000 citizens across 9 states mobilizing resources worth ₹98 crores through various high end and low end schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, MNREGA, Digital health card, Ayushmann Bharat, Sukanya Samridhi Yojana etc). Nearly 328 AdhikaarPrenuers have been developed till date under the Adhikaar flagship generating additional livelihood of ₹ 8000-10000 per month.

Under Employability and
Employment Thematic Area:

  • Community women in Bhatinda Punjab
  • Convocation Ceremony of skilled women at Dholera, Gujarat
  • Dholera VTC
  • Neemuch, MP
  • Self Help Group women Homemade wheat, Nudles, Jwar and Rice papads, MH)

Skilling and Up skilling is the crux of Employability and Employment thematic area where we set up Integrated Vocational Training for community women and youth covering across Renewables sites (trades like basket making, data entry, automobile repairs, beautician training, pickle making – for regional self-employment).

14 New Vocational training centers were operational this Financial year; we have partnered with organization affiliated with NSDC (National Skill Development Council). 1700+ community women & youth were trained throughout the year. Further, to promote Green Jobs and create skilled workforce for Project locations, Solar technician trainings were initiated in TPSDI Mundra & Sahad, 55 ITI students from Rajasthan & Karnataka were trained.

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Under Entrepreneurship:

  • Few paper products made by our SHG women of Satara, MH
  • Few -paper products made by our SHG women of Satara, MH
  • Mushroom Cultivation, Bedareddyhalli village, KN
  • Seed capital to SHGs-Velampadu Village, AP
  • Velampadu Village, AP
  • Vermi-compost pit in Velampadu, AP
  • Women of Satara village, MH

Formation of Self Help Group (SHG) and collectives are major components of Micro-Enterprising, where the focus is on imparting enterprising skills to establish and sustain micro-enterprises. 125 Self Help Groups are formed in MP, AP, KA and MH. 1250+ women members have undergone Entrepreneurial training and capacity building. Major activities undertaken were Vermi-compost, Goat rearing, Mushroom farming, Ragi/Millet cookies, Dona Pattal making, Stitching, Bangle making etc.

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Employee Volunteering

  • Beach cleaning
  • Blood donation drive Kodihalli
  • Blood donation drive MP
  • Career Guidance by senior leader Rajasthan
  • Family employee volunteering
  • Wall painting in MH

With a legacy of caring, valuing and helping community ecosystem, we keep augmenting our efforts towards being neighbor of choice. We have clocked more than 45K employee volunteering hours in FY23. Leadership participation and Family volunteering were key highlights of the season. Collectively we have touched more than 40K lives in our vicinity. Unique activities such as Beach cleaning drive, school wall paintings and Self-defense to adolescent girls were taken up. More than 300+ activities were conducted across Renewables sites.

Under Education thematic area Education

  • Bhatinda (Punjab)Bhatinda Punjab
  • Bikaner (Rajasthan)Bikaner Rajasthan
  • Pokhran (Rajasthan)Pokhran Rajasthan
  • Gaya (Bihar)Gaya Bihar
  • Banaskantha (Gujarat)Banaskantha Gujarat
  • Neemuch (Madhya Pradesh)Neemuch Madhya Pradesh
  • Ahemdabad (Gujarat)Ahemdabad Gujarat
  • Bhavnagar (Gujarat)Bhavnagar Gujarat
  • Dhule (Maharashtra)Dhule Maharashtra
  • Akkalkot (Maharashtra)Akkalkot Maharashtra
  • Bidar (Karnataka)Bidar Karnataka
  • Chitradurga (Karnataka)Chitradurga Karnataka
  • Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh)Kurnool Andhra Pradesh
  • Koppal (Karnataka)Koppal Karnataka
  • Kadapa (Andhra Pradesh)Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
  • Tumkur (Karnataka)Tumkur Karnataka
  • Bangalore (Karnataka)Bangalore Karnataka
  • Karur (Tamil Nadu)Karur Tamil Nadu
  • Trinuveli (Tamil Nadu)Trinuveli Tamil Nadu

Under Employability and Employment Thematic Area: VTC Presence:

  • Bhatinda (Punjab)Bhatinda Punjab
  • Pokhran (Rajasthan)Pokhran Rajasthan
  • Gaya (Bihar)Gaya Bihar
  • Banaskantha (Gujarat)Banaskantha Gujarat
  • Neemuch (Madhya Pradesh)Neemuch Madhya Pradesh
  • Ahemdabad (Gujarat)Ahemdabad Gujarat
  • Bhavnagar (Gujarat)Bhavnagar Gujarat
  • Mancherial (Telangana)Mancherial Telangana
  • Ahemdnagar (Maharashtra)Ahemdnagar Maharashtra
  • Chitradurga (Karnataka)Chitradurga Karnataka
  • Tumkur (Karnataka)Tumkur Karnataka
  • Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh)Anantapur Andhra Pradesh
  • Wayanad (Kerala)Wayanad Kerala
  • Karur (Tamil Nadu)Karur Tamil Nadu

Under Entrepreneurship: SHG Presence

  • Neemuch (Madhya Pradesh)Neemuch Madhya Pradesh
  • Ahemdnagar (Maharashtra)Ahemdnagar Maharashtra
  • Solarpur (Maharashtra)Solarpur Maharashtra
  • Chitradurga (Karnataka)Chitradurga Karnataka
  • Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh)Kurnool Andhra Pradesh
  • Koppal (Karnataka)Koppal Karnataka
  • Bangalore (Karnataka)Bangalore Karnataka