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Discover leading Solar Solutions with One of the largest fully integrated Solar EPC Companies in India.

As the world steadily transitions towards renewable energy sources, solar power has emerged as the invincible champion. Seize the opportunity to harness the abundant sunlight in India by partnering with the best Solar EPC companies in India. Look no further because your ultimate solar solution starts right here with Tata Power Solar. Choose Tata Power Solar and step into a sustainable future.

We recognise the critical role solar energy providers play in India's renewable energy goals, which is why Tata Power Solar stands tall as one of India's most reliable solar EPC companies in India. Tata Power Solar has been instrumental in revolutionising the solar industry landscape since its inception, garnering a well-earned reputation among our contemporaries. Benefit from this vast expertise by choosing TATA Power Solar.

Our comprehensive range of custom solutions ensures that you benefit from our cutting-edge technology, impeccable service, and proven track record. As a testament to our EPC excellence, we proudly stand as the force behind one of the world's largest solar-powered cricket stadiums, the Cricket Club of India (CCI) in Mumbai, boasting an impressive 820.8 kW capacity. Additionally, our prowess shines through India's largest single-axis solar tracker system, a ground-breaking 300 MW solar plant in Dholera, Gujarat. Successfully commissioned a pioneering 1040 kW Bifacial Solar System project with Chengmari Tea Estate, Asia’s largest tea estate. This marks the first-ever installation of on-ground bifacial modules in Eastern India. Our engineering brilliance extends to innovative projects like India's largest floating solar power project in Kerala and one of the country's largest Vertical Solar Farms, a 120-kW installation at Dell Campus in Bengaluru, showcasing our commitment to pushing the boundaries of solar technology. Choose the Best-in-Class Solutions from Tata Power Solar.


Tata Power Solar boasts extensive expertise in solar energy solutions, offering a range of services, including Solar EPC. Renowned for their commitment to excellence, Tata Power Solar delivers reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solar solutions you can trust. The Glowing Triumph, TATA Power Solar's 450 MWp Solar Project in Bikaner, Rajasthan, showcases unwavering commitment to resilience, innovation, and sustainability for a greener future.

Quality Engineering

Our innovative methods and meticulous designs ensure optimal performance and durability. Ensuring safety in the elevated installation, Tata Power Solar implemented rigorous standards with built-in platforms, exemplifying Dell's environmental commitment and Tata Power Solar's dedication to innovative, sustainable solutions.

As the torchbearer of India's solar evolution, Tata Power Solar understands the unique needs of the Indian market. As one of the foremost solar EPC companies in India, we are dedicated to providing energy solutions that boost the nation's renewable energy potential. Identifying your requirements, the local weather conditions, and determining the best solar solution for you is what we specialize in.

Take the leap towards a sun-powered tomorrow. Choose Tata Power Solar and experience the difference! Invest in a brighter and more sustainable future for your community and the world at large.

Partner with one of the best solar EPC companies in India and watch the sun work its magic for generations to come.

Ready to save on your electricity bills and go green

Tata Power Solar is dedicated to delivering innovative and effective solar solutions, focusing on quality engineering, ensuring that their solar modules are built with optimal performance and durability in mind. By implementing the latest technology, Tata Power Solar maximises energy generation, ultimately contributing to reduced electricity bills and a greener environment.

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