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Meeting global demand for a brighter tomorrow

Tata Power Solar's commitment to change the world has led to the development of internationally acclaimed photovoltaic solar panels which features high efficiency and best-in-class manufacturing edge.

Our solar solutions are available to multiple customer segments and our manufacturing expertise provides us the opportunity to build customized solutions. We follow stringent quality checks and extensive characterization of materials to ensure highest solar panel performance and reliability internationally.

Tata Power Solar is recognized as one of the premium Tier-1 bankable solar panel and module manufacturer internationally. As a leading solar PV modules manufacturer, we follow stringent quality checks and extensive characterization of materials to ensure highest module performance and reliability. Tata Power Solar's PV modules are high on efficiency and has high durability. With a range of configurations, power outputs and module sizes we have worked with large organizations such as TUV, UL.

Over 2.5 GW modules shipped globally

Modules Shipped

Our landmark projects

257 kWp

Bunde, Netherlands


Sittard-Geleen, Netherlands


Labish, Oregon, USA


Ballston, Oregon, USA


Sønderborg, Denmark

30MWp across smaller projects

United Kingdom


Awali Oil Field, Bahrain


Herzogenrath, Germany


Horslunde, Denmark


Nees, Denmark


Ferry Farm, West Sussex, United Kingdom


Bryn Bachau, Chwilog, Gwynedd, United Kingdom


Lagness, Chichester, United Kingdom


Manor Farm, United Kingdom


Chichester, United Kingdom


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


2kWp x 100 schools across Sri Lanka

* not an exhaustive list

Our Key Clients

What our clients have to say

Customer satisfaction is a driving force for Tata Power Solar and we have partnered with a number of large corporations to solve their energy needs.

"We are pleased to partner with Tata Power Solar, one of the oldest solar manufacturing companies in the world and part of a very respected group. Tata Power Solar complements us in its focus for quality. Our solar projects need a significant level of quality standards of the panels that are delivered on time and we feel Tata Power Solar will help us achieve that. We look forward to a fruitful partnership." Mr. Mikkel Dau Jacobsen, Managing Partner,
Better Energy Development A/S
"In 2015-16, we chose Tata Solar to be our module supply partner. We chose them because, Tata has a commitment to excellence & quality. It has a superb team; we can look forward to business do more business. We are also impressed by the ETHOS, Sustainability of Tata’s." Mr. David Maguire, Director
BNRG Renewables, Ireland
"We are delighted to partner with Tata Power Solar to jointly deliver this project for Toyota." Mr. Gab Barbaro, Managing Director,
British Gas Business Services

Our products and services


Our solar panels can be installed at international locations that have extreme weather conditions. Our solutions are built to perform, irrespective of the location and weather, through a range of design and functional innovations.

Greater low light
product life
moisture entry
Higher efficiency and
optimized power output

Our range of Solar Modules

Rooftop EPC Services
Tata Power Solar designs and implements a range of PV solutions.
All we need is a rooftop or spare land where we can setup your green power unit.
200 MW of solar power projects commissioned across the globe

Working with the biggest brands for a better tomorrow

We have provided innovative solutions for a number of clients over the years and are always looking to assist corporations as they look to implement green power solutions.

We have completed projects with clients that have strict HSSE requirements and we ensure that our solutions provide backup power without having an adverse effect on the surrounding environment.

Tata Power Solar is poised to maintain and enhance its leadership position in providing innovative power solutions.

As World's Pioneering Solar Company in the rooftop segment, we have extensive service network Pan India and are changing the way organizations implement power solutions.

Know more about some of our benchmark Rooftop Solar projects
Ground Mount EPC Services
Green power solutions for your businesses

Tata Power Solar has worked with most of the large organizations in the world to provide green energy solutions.

From site surveys and installations to lifetime maintenance of the plant, we have an incredible track record in providing power solutions that meet any requirement from an organization.

Solar power is a cleaner, faster-to-build and cost-effective alternative energy solution to coal and diesel based power.

Know more about our Large Projects
1.45 GW of solar power projects commissioned across globe