3 MW – Tata Power, Mulshi, Maharashtra

The Mulshi power plant, a 3 MW solar farm designed and constructed by Tata Power Solar in March 2011, provides energy to over 2 million homes and has led to employment for the local community.

Project Overview

Tata Power Solar commissioned a 3 MW power plant for Tata Power in March 2011 using the cells and modules manufactured in-house.

The project was built on 13 acres of land with the natural landscape of the site preserved.

The project was completed in a record time of nine months and made operational in two phases – 1 MW and 2 MW, commissioned in January and March 2011 respectively.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenging site location:

Our team adopted special grouting techniques to hold the pile foundation in place and the foundations were customized at various heights of 0.5-2 mts. due to uneven land surface.

Maintaining site ecology:

The design involved erecting arrays of pedestals that ensured shadow free spacing between arrays of modules, while guaranteeing that the natural water channel was not disrupted during the ground mounting process.

Earning community trust and confidence:

We employed local communities in different project functions and the local authorities, as well as the community, were educated on the benefits of having a sustainable source of energy in the form of a solar power plant and about the eco-friendly design.


Promote jobs and growth:

Our team trained and employed the local community in the areas of project operations and maintenance, opening a new source of livelihood for the local people.

Power generation:

The plant supplies electricity into the 22KV grid line, which powers 2 million homes in the neighboring villages.

Eco tourism enhancement:

The Mulshi valley, post project execution, still attracts locals and visitors for its beautiful landscape.

Location map