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95MW – Tata Power Solar, Dhuravan, Gujarat

  • Project Size: 95MW
  • Carbon Footprint Reduced: 1.67 lac tonnes/year
  • Project Type: Utility Scale Project
  • Project Completion Time: 4 Months
  • Land Area: 324 acres
  • No. of Modules: 3.0 lakhs domestic modules
  • Module Technology: Polycrystalline
  • Inverter: Delta
  • Scada: Adaptive

Project Overview

Tata Power Solar has achieved another milestone by commissioning 95MW(DC) in Dhuravan, Gujarat. The area stretch for the project is 324 acres. The project has a robot cleaning system.

The project is a foundation of strong relations between Tata Power Solar and Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited. It displays the trust GESCL has displayed in Tata Power Solar. Along with this, the installation exceeds on all the safety and quality parameters stated by the government.

About 3.0 Lakhs domestic modules were used in the project giving an impetus to domestic manufacturing. Around 25 inverters of 3MW each were used. 13 Inverter Transformer out of which 12 were used for 6.3MVA; 1 was used for 3.15MVA. Approximately 650KM of DC cable were laid, the plant was commissioned before schedule even after facing delay of a few days due to monsoon. Plant was commissioned and operational acceptance was achieved in the 1st attempt.

Challenges and Strategy

The project encountered few distinctive challenges such as a delay of 54 days during the construction phase due to monsoon (heavy rains). The whole site was submerged in water up to 1mtrs of height. The soil type was slushy; hence the movement of machinery became difficult.

Being a pioneer in the solar industry, Tata Power Solar's EPC expertise empowered us to create customized structural support for a smooth execution at the project site.

Apart from this, for this entirely automated plant, we introduced RF-based SCADA system which helped in wireless communication between the machines. Tata Power Solar takes pride to showcase this landmark project.


  • The project will generate 1,67, 262 million energy unit annually
  • Reduce 1.67 lac tonnes of carbon emission
  • The project was completed within 4 months