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400MW Pavagada Solar Plant: A Remarkable Solar Power Project in Tirumani Village, Karnataka

  • Project type: Power Producers
  • Project Bifurcation:
  • Project completion time:
    3 Years 6 Months in two phase
  • No. of modules:
  • CO2 Offset:
    8295 tones/kWh
  • Module Technology:
    Crystalline Silicon


The 400MW Pavagada Solar Plant is a pivotal source of clean, renewable energy, serving the energy needs of Karnataka. Its core objectives is to generate a substantial annual electricity output, aiming for an impressive 1,050 Million Units (MU), to harness cutting-edge technology, exemplified by the innovative MMS Structure Seasonal Tilt and MMS Fixed Structure, for optimal power generation. To uphold environmental sustainability by installing Crystalline Silicon solar panels known for their minimal environmental impact and to achieve successful compliance with domestic content requirements, all while adhering to a rigorous project timeline. In essence, this project embodies the harmonious integration of sustainable energy generation, technological innovation, environmental consciousness, and regulatory adherence to deliver clean power to Karnataka.

Project Planning and Execution

A total of 17, 60,000 solar panels were installed, with each phase featuring unique technological approaches to achieve maximum efficiency:

Phase 1: Implemented MMS Structure Seasonal Tilt technology.

Phase 2: Employed MMS Fixed Structure for the second half of the project.


  • Securing land on a lease-based model through the Government of Karnataka was a major challenge faced during the project's implementation.
  • This led to various local issues from the beginning, and the company had to navigate through them to ensure the project's successful execution.


  • Tata Power Solar successfully navigated through the challenges of securing land on a lease-based model. They worked closely with the Government of Karnataka to fulfil all the necessary legal requirements and regulations.
  • To overcome the local issues, the company utilized its expertise in project management and local knowledge to ensure the smooth execution of the project.
  • The company used indigenous cells and modules to complete the project within the stipulated timeline.

Unique Approaches and Technologies

The 400MW Pavagada Plant utilized multiple innovative technologies and unique solutions:

  • Designed the 'TATA logo' symbol using solar panels, ensuring visibility from high altitude and prominence on Google Maps.
  • Implemented a 1500 V DC design and 5 Winding 12.5 MVA single-block AC system design.

Environmental, Economic, and Social Benefits

The Pavagada Solar Plant has brought a multitude of advantages to the region:

  • Clean, renewable energy generation of 1,050 MU annually.
  • Enhanced economic opportunities and job creation, both during and after the construction phase.
  • Positive environmental impact, with reduced carbon emissions and decreased dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Power supplied to various areas, including NTPC Ltd., BESCOM, GESCOM, and HESCOM, benefiting millions of people by providing reliable and sustainable energy.