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30 MW – Ground Mounted Solar Project for GSECL at Village Chandarva, Gujarat

  • Project Size: 30MW
  • Project Type: Trunkey based & On Grid Solar System
  • Project Completion Time: 8 Months
  • Land Area: 178.16 Acres
  • No. of Modules: 1,21,768
  • Annual Energy Yield: 76,040 MWh
  • CO2 Offset: 29,442.463 Tons p.a.
  • Safe Man Hours: 2,54,792 hours

Project Overview

Tata Power Solar has commissioned a first of its kind 30 MW Ground Mounted Solar Project for GSECL at Village Chandarva, Gujarat. This is the first ever solar project built on a waste land that has been transformed into a Solar Power Plant. Sustainability is a philosophy that is central to Tata Power as an organization and we strongly believe in resource conservation and energy efficiency. Hence, our objective has always been to help reduce carbon emissions by the use of green energy. This project has helped reduce the CO2 emissions by 29442.463 tons per annum.

To increase revenue for the farmers, the team completed this project assuring reduced power purchase expenses. This not only helped GSECL reduce its costs but also created an additional source of income for the farmers.

Safety is an important aspect pivotal to the successful completion of any project. By adhering to the premier safety standards of Tata Power Solar, this plant worked 2,54,792 safe man hours and 350 days without any loss time injury. This is yet another achievement and demonstration of our pioneer leadership in project development, engineering and execution capabilities.


One of the most significant challenges faced by the team was that the wasteland served as a day to day means of commute for the local villagers and connected them to their homes. Therefore, the villagers demanded to retain access to the area during the project execution period. Tata Power Solar's prerogative is to preserve the peace and harmony of the local community while developing the project. Thus, the company provided an alternate path and built a replacement road so as to not hinder their daily life and routine.

Project area being a wasteland in the village was surrounded by small ponds and water bodies. This compelled the team to work with variable land and soil texture thus, increasing the length of cables used and the probability of incurring losses. Taking into account all of these challenges with respect to the context of pandemic, completing this project successfully within the stipulated time while ensuring lowest possible tariffs made the job more arduous and complex. However, our team managed to execute and complete the project within a remarkable timeline of 8 months. This solar power plant required exhibition of outstanding engineering and designing skills to maintain the quality standards that Tata Power Solar always takes pride in.

Speaking on the achievement, Honorable MD, GSECL, Shri Prasanna Kumar Motupalli said, "This is a benchmark project that has set a new paradigm for the renewables industry. The exemplary execution skills demonstrated by Tata Power Solar is a true symbol of pioneer leadership."

By means of this project, our objective is to provide continuous power to the farmers at the lowest possible tariffs which in turn take care of their agricultural needs & boosts their income.


In addition to providing a cleaner and economical source of energy and power, Tata Power Solar strives to focus on the enrichment and development of local communities in and around the area of plant's operation. Hence, the team conducted several sessions on Solar energy and its importance for all school students and teaching staff of the village to share knowledge on the same.