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300 MW Solar Project in Pavagada

Project Overview

Tata Power Solar has touched another milestone by commissioning 300MW DC in 2GW Pavagada Solar Park, Karnataka for SoftBank Group. The installation area stretch was 270 acres. The commissioned project has an installation of robot cleaning system. The entire area has grading at 2 degrees for Robo movement, motion sensors in street light and heavy canopy with motorized gate. Along with this, the project matches all the safety and quality standard parameters as per government mandate.

Approximately 9,05,138 modules were used in the project which includes Crystalline, Risen etc. to name a few. For the smooth processing of the installation, 16 Inverters (rating 3.125 MW), 4 Inverter Transformers (rating- 12.5 MVA), and 2 Power Transformers (rating- 25 MVA) have been used.

The project faced few unique challenges like delivery of major equipment, limited timelines, short supply of cables etc. Despite many hurdles, our highly experienced project execution team backed by deep understanding of the technology, helped deliver the project before time. Various technologies like Boom pressure for Roof slab, Mobile app for RFID-Module & drone survey for topographical understanding was used in the process of commissioning.

Pavagada Solar Park has provided us a unique opportunity to enhance our generation with 2GW capacity of the installation. Establishment of solar project in this area is seen as a one of the pioneers in Solar Park in the entire Country.


  • CO2 offset: 2,52,197 tonnes per year
  • The project was completed within timeframe of 6 months
  • The plant generates annual energy yield: 5,04,395 MWh