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Empowering the Rural India with Solar Energy


  • Brand Tata A synonym for trust
  • Brand Tata Power Solar India’s only solar company with 32 years of solar experience; India’s leading solar manufacturing company
  • Reliability 25 years solar module warranty with <0.1 % warranty claim over 2 decades
  • Safety Features Protection features like dry run, reverse polarity, low voltage and lightening arrestor
  • Longevity Corrosion resistant galvanized iron mounting structures for longer life
  • Hassle free installation Assistance for paper work and best-fit system for maximizing your benefit
  • Certifications Conforming to MNRE specifications by Government of India

Solar Atta Chakki - Kamai Badhao Samajhdaari se

TATA Power Solar Atta Chakki is a revolutionary concept to reduce extractive farming and promote sustainable living. Its high-efficiency solar panels help in providing relief from irregular electricity, meaning farmers no longer need to pay expensive diesel costs as they grind their grains. In addition to the economic benefits, TATA Power Solar Atta Chakki also offers an immense advantage where the environment is concerned - it produces zero emissions and helps reduce carbon output, creating a pollution free environment. It allows farmers to continue their traditional way of life while taking steps towards becoming more environment friendly.

Key Features:

  • Tata Power Solar Atta Chakki assures no dependence on erratic grid power and saving on expensive diesel.
  • Invest once in Solar Atta Chakki and get free (zero cost) solar energy for many years to come
  • Solar system needs no maintenance except regular cleaning of the modules- no consumables; easy to operate.
  • Solar Atta Chakki contributes in reducing carbon emission and pollution.