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Single Phase Controller

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Empowering the Rural India with Solar Energy


  • Brand Tata A synonym for trust
  • Brand Tata Power Solar India’s only solar company with 32 years of solar experience; India’s leading solar manufacturing company
  • Reliability 25 years solar module warranty with <0.1 % warranty claim over 2 decades
  • Safety Features Protection features like dry run, reverse polarity, low voltage and lightening arrestor
  • Longevity Corrosion resistant galvanized iron mounting structures for longer life
  • Hassle free installation Assistance for paper work and best-fit system for maximizing your benefit
  • Certifications Conforming to MNRE specifications by Government of India

Single Phase Controller - Dugni Samajhdaari, Pani bhi Bijli Bhi

Tata Power Solar Single Phase Controller (SPC) provides clean energy to households of farmers when their solar water pumps are not in use. SPC is long lasting, reliable and helps to improve the economic efficiency of existing or new solar water pump installations, as well as providing hours of clean energy from dawn to dusk without any need for an external battery pack. Tata Power's product is extremely robust and functional with its versatility allowing it to be used with solar water pumps and controllers from any manufacture. This reduces complexity for farmers when wanting to access those extra hours of clean power.

Key Features:

  • It can be used in any new or existing solar water pump installation of the farmer and provides reliable clean power from dawn to dusk without the need of any additional battery pack.
  • It helps to maximize the usage of the Solar Water Pump and helps improve the overall operating economics of the solar water pump for the farmer.
  • SPC is extremely robust and versatile and can be used with solar water pump and controller of any make.