• 3 MW - Tata Power
    Featured Projects
    3 MW - Tata Power
    3 MW Solar power plant for Tata Power at Mulshi: Ownership to make project a success   The contrast of a large solar array next to a lake is a true poetic homage to the astute engineering talen...
  • 2.5 MW - Ultratech
    Featured Projects
    2.5 MW - Ultratech
    UltraTech Cement Meets Renewable Purchase Obligation   Tata Power Solar (TPS) has become synonymous with India's most preferred solar developer with proven capability in design & commission...
  • 10 MW - Jindal Aluminium
    Featured Projects
    10 MW - Jindal Aluminium
    JUNE 2013 10 MW Solar Power Plant for Jindal Aluminum Limited Tata Power Solar (TPS) successfully completed a 10 MW solar power plant commissioned by Jindal Aluminium Ltd (JAL) in Chitradurga, located 23...
  • Powering the Sunderbans
    Featured Projects
    Powering the Sunderbans
    Sunderbans powered by Tata Power Solar   TPS continues to enthrall communities with extensive expertise in projects that are remote and terrains that pose profound challenges. Sundarbans is yet...
  • 17 MW - Tata Power
    Featured Projects
    17 MW - Tata Power
    17 MW Mithapur solar power plant for Tata Power: Delivering beyond expectations   For Tata Power Solar, decades of experience in the capable hands of its exemplary team is reflected in the whop...
  • Empowering Chhattisgarh Tribals
    Featured Projects
    Empowering Chhattisgarh Tribals
    Empowering the tribal communities in Chhattisgarh   Tata Power Solar’s journey of enabling solar everywhere is incomplete without the chapter on Chattisgarh. Located centrally in the dens...
  • 1.8 MW - IIT Roorkee
    Featured Projects
    1.8 MW - IIT Roorkee
    MAR 2014 IIT Roorkee goes solar with Tata Power Solar   Tata Power Solar is the "Go-to" name when it comes to implementing rooftop solar installations to help reduce carbon footprint and energy costs fo...
  • Lighting up Ladakh
    Featured Projects
    Lighting up Ladakh
    Tata Power Solar (TPS) as India's largest integrated solar solutions provider has rightfully earned the title on their core mantra of always maintaining the project timelines and executing within tigh...

    TATA Solar Diva 5L

    - Solar Module: 1Wp - LED Luminaire: 0.5W - Ni-MH Battery: 1.2V X 2, 1.2Ah ...

    Tata Solar Diva 25L

    - Solar Module: 5Wp - LED Luminaire: 3W - SMF Lead-acid Battery: 12V-7Ah ...

    Tata Solar Venus 15L

    - Solar Module: 3Wp - LED luminaire: 2W X 2 nos - Li-ion Battery: 11.1V-1.5A...

    Tata Solar Venus 75L

    - Solar Module: 15Wp - LED luminaire: 2W X 4 nos - AGM Battery: 12V-12Ah -...

    Tata Solar Diva 15L2

    - Solar Module: 3Wp - LED Luminaire: 1.2W (Lamp) & 2W (Torch) - Li-ion Batte...

    Tata Solar Duro EVT

    This series of water heaters has high-transmissivity triple layered clog and cho...

    Tata Solar Venus

    - Solar module: 10Wp to 70Wp - CFL luminaire: 1.8W to 9W - Battery: 7Ah to 7...

    Tata Solar Street

    - Solar module/array: 35Wp to 150Wp - High efficiency LED/CFL lamps: 7W to 30W...

    Tata Solar Diva 50C

    - Solar module: 10Wp - CFL luminaire: 7W - SMF Lead-acid battery: 12V-7Ah ...

    Tata Solar Sunjeevini

    Power your home for upto 3 hours with SunJeevini, a retro-fit inverter with plug...
  • Speciality Modules

    Speciality Modules 1W to 220W
  • Standard Modules

    Standard modules 235 W to 305 W
  • Gold

    High performance modules designed for specialized applications certified to the highest standards
  • Platinum

    Modules produced to MNRE specifications for maximum power in small, efficiently built packages
  • TP Series

    Robust and rugged premium PV modules, built to withstand extreme wind pressure and snow-loads with positive power tolerance a...
  • TS Series

    The economical choice, designed for moderate environmental conditions. Solar PV Modules / Solar PV Panels in this range: