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TP Renewable Microgrid distributes eco-friendly bags to mark World Environment Day, 2023 5th June, 2023

TP Renewable Microgrid (TPRMG), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power, an India’s largest integrated power utility, celebrates World Environment Day by distributing “eco-friendly bags” to its consumers to inculcate the practice of saying ‘no to plastic’ and adopting sustainable living.

The Company provides clean, affordable, reliable, and quality power supply to rural customers of India through its AC off-grid Renewable Microgrid solution. Harnessing solar power, TP Renewable Microgrid has commissioned microgrids in 200 villages providing power to around 20,400 customers in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

The Company has launched many initiatives towards a greener future with a focus on rural India, which includes providing green power supply from Microgrid to MSMEs for recycling plastic bottles/ plastic furniture, aiding rural enterprises with supply to operate clean-cold water treatment plant in villages, enabling Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) to migrate from Diesel Operated inefficient motors to electrically operated energy efficient motors, empowering farmers for green irrigation using solar powered energy efficient pumps, empowered small shop owners for seizing income generating opportunities through solar powered energy efficient machines & appliances such as Deep Freezers, BLDC (Brushless Direct Current Motor) Fans, LED Tube Lights, etc.

The Company plans to encourage small-scale rural industries and rural enterprises to adopt green and sustainable processing practices with an emphasis on value creation at the local level for that village’s economic growth. The strategic partnership of TP Renewable Microgrid (TPRMG) with the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) will enable financial impetus to 1000 Rural Green Enterprises. To augment the rural circular economy, the Company has completed a pilot Bio-Methane based power-generating plant project in Bihar using cow dung. It plans to scale it up using Agri waste under the Hub and Spoke Model in Uttar Pradesh.

Affirming the commitment to sustainability goals, the initiatives undertaken have led to impacting the lives of more than 2 ½ Lakhs people, reduced around 8,200 tons of carbon emissions, and decreased the consumption of Diesel by ~ 31 Lakhs liters per year apart from enabling income generation opportunities for the rural communities.

TP Renewable Microgrid is one of India’s leading names in the solar microgrid industry. It offers green energy economical options for many people in rural India. TPRMG serves households, shops, commercial establishments, educational & training institutes, schools, hospitals, medical clinics, electric mobility providers, telecom towers, furniture, fabrication, and roadside vendors in villages.