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Save on your electricity bills for up to 25 long years with Tata Power Solar 22nd September, 2015

Introducing the solar rooftop system for residential & SME markets

Tata Power Solar, India’s largest integrated solar company, today announced the nationwide launch of ‘Tata Solar Dynamo’series of rooftop grid tie systems exclusively for the residential andSME rooftop market. This latest offering will enable rooftop consumers to, both,generateclean and green power as well as save on electricity bills for up to 25 long years.

TataPower Solar, having installed 65MW of rooftop and distributed generation projects across India, is lookingtocreate awareness and influence the uptake of solar power in urban India. This two-way TataSolar Dynamo system serves as a complementary source of energy, supported by a net meter, allowing users to both generate power to meet their needs and route excesspower back to the grid. Users can either fully or partially off-set their captive consumption, allowing for upto 100% savings on electricity bills based on installation capacity and power usage. Additionally those feeding excess power back to the grid will receive monetary compensation,subject to state policies.

Speaking on the launch, Ashish Khanna, ED & CEO, Tata Power Solar said “India’s residential rooftop market holds tremendous potential, and state specificnet metering policies provide the needed impetus for consumers to take up rooftop solar. We are excited to enter the urban residential andSME market with a specialised offering, bringing the promise of brand Tata to an evolving sector in India. Through awareness campaigns, we want to get consumers to recognize solar energy as a viableandcost effective electricity optionthereby influencingsolar and clean energy adoption.”

This easily installable modular structure,ranging from 1KW to 100KW,is compatible with various typesofrooftop constructions andmaterials.Users get to enjoy a 25 year and 5 year warranty on the modules and inverterrespectively,and the system’s no-battery feature offers a maintenance-free experience. Additionally, for customer convenience, the coordination with distribution companies is handled by Tata Power Solar’ appointed dealers. Through a data logger customers can remotely monitor the system output and overall performance.The Tata Solar Dynamo system comeswith long lasting module mounting structures and high efficiency inverters, ensuring the solar generation is maximised at any given point in time.

As part of this launch, Tata Power Solar has initiated a solar awareness van projectin Bangalore and Hyderabadto encourage people to ‘Go Green’. These solar awareness vans come fitted with a customized system to showcase and engagewith consumers at city pulse points, educating them on the benefits of rooftop solar.

About Tata Power Solar:

Tata Power Solar, with 25 years of deep domain expertise, is one of the pioneering solar manufacturers in the world and India’s largest specialised EPC player. Founded in 1989, the company was originally formed as a joint venture between Tata Power and British Petroleum Solar (BP Solar). As a pioneer and market leader in the solar space, headquartered in Bangalore, Tata Power Solar now operates independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power.

As one of the largest solar manufacturers in India, Tata Power Solar operates world-class manufacturing unit in Bangalore, with a production capacity of 200 MW of modules and 180 MW of cells. It has completed more than 185+MW of ground-mount utility scale and 65MW of rooftop and distributed generation projects across the country till date. It also offers a diverse line of solar solutions for both urban and rural markets –these includerooftop solutions, solar pumps andpower packs among others. Tata Power Solar is committed to enabling solar everywhere and aims to provideenergy access to millions of people across the country via its integrated solar solutions. For more information visit: