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60 kW - TCS

Powering TCS from the Roof Top  


Tata Power Solar offers efficient rooftop solar solutions that are easy to install, operate and offer cost effective access to solar energy. The solar power installation at TCS’s Siruseri campus, located 35 kms. away from Chennai, demonstrates the potential of solar power, which can be harnessed using idle roof top space to generate energy and reduce the organization’s carbon footprint.

Project Overview


TCS, Siruseri located 35 km away from Chennai, is the largest IT Park in Asia, spread across 280,000 sq. mts. TCS, one of the leading IT services company, recognizes the importance of having a sustainable energy source that is economically viable to help meet their energy needs at this park. With this clear purpose in mind, TCS chose Tata Power Solar as the developer of choice because of their extensive experience and flawless execution skills by the team. In 2013, TCS forayed into harnessing solar energy through the installation of solar product solutions like water heaters and lighting systems across this campus. Taking a step ahead in this direction, TCS mandated Tata Power Solar to install a 60 kWp rooftop plant across 720 sq. mts. of rooftop space that generates 90,000 kWh of energy per year. The plant is also equipped with a remote monitoring system that ensures smooth functioning of this plant and to make it is delivering the promised performance.


Challenges and Solutions

Disruption free execution within strict timelines: TCS had the uncompromising condition of having the rooftop project completed and commissioned within 30 days and without disruption of business-as-usual at TCS. TCS being a leading IT services provider could not have afforded any downtime due to the project installation. Tata Power Solar being sensitive to this seamlessly executed the project with painstakingly detailed planning and providing buffer for potential delays so that the project was completed within the stipulated timeframe and without causing any disruption to the client’s business activities.


Speedy execution with minimal downtime: As part of the standard process of commissioning the solar plant, the electrical services are taken down to connect the solar energy system to TCS’s internal grid so that it can start feeding into the grid. Tata Power Solar team’s rigor in execution made sure this process took just 2 hours, post which business was carried out powered by the solar energy feeding into the grid. 




TCS through this rooftop installation now has access to a 60 kWp power plant that provides access to a reliable, green and sustainable source of energy. This rooftop solar plant has added renewable energy to TCS’s energy mix and has reduced its carbon footprint by 76 tonnes per year.