State-of-the-art design and manufacturing

Tata Power Solar, a pioneer in the solar industry, offers a broad range of photovoltaic solar modules that feature high efficiency and best-in-class manufacturing edge. With an in-house production capacity of 300 & 400 MW respectively for cells and modules, our broad range of solar energy panels and modules are among the top-tier PV panels available to multiple customer segments including industrial, commercial, residential as well as on-grid and off-grid solar projects. Our facilities can process both mono and multi-crystalline wafers of 125mm and 156mm sizes. 

With investments and focus on technology innovation with cutting edge manufacturing Tata Power Solar has, shipped over 1 GW of modules worldwide, making us one of the most respected and admired names in solar manufacturing industry, in recognition of our quality and reliability in products, as well as project execution both within India and worldwide.

Over the last 27 years, our modules have powered some of the biggest industry and utility scale projects across the world including North America and Europe. 

Tata Power Solar manufacturing facilities are proudly known to set and follow the highest safety standards and equipped with the latest technology to consistently raise the bar for solar power products around the world.

Built to perform and last, Tata Power Solar modules survive extreme wind, snow-load and corrosive environments. Design innovations include:  
  • Enhanced low light performance through higher shunt resistance
  • Long life with scrim EVA and polyester back sheet
  • Higher efficiency with equal absorption spectrum of the cells and transmission spectrum of the module front glass 
  • Proprietary manufacturing processes to minimize moisture ingress
  • Cells sorted by power and by current to optimize output performance

Tier-1 bankable modules

Global customers and financial institutions recognize Tata Power Solar as a Tier-1 bankable module manufacturer, certified to international standards such as IEC, ISO, CE, MCS and BRE Global by reputed organizations such as TUV, UL and third party advisors like Black & Veatch.

Wide product range

With a range of standard and specialty modules, we offer:
  • Multiple configurations - 36, 60 and 72 cells, 
  • Wide power range - from 0.3 Wp to 305 Wp
  • Module sizes varying from 0.0035 m² for a 0.3 Wp 
  • Specialty modules upto 1.985 m² for a 320 Wp standard product
Our standard large format modules, using 60 and 72 six inch multi-crystalline cells, come with a 25-year warranty, backed by the stability of the $100+ billion Tata Group.

  • 1 GW of modules shipped globally in past 27 years
  • 945,000 tonnes of carbon displaced
  • Landmark projects and customers include:
  • 20 MW of solar panels for BNRG Renewables in 2015 for projects across UK
  • 30 MW of solar panels for British Gas used for projects commissioned across UK; including 13,000 panels for Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK)  

  • 8.8 MW of solar panels for installation in Madridejos /Toledo in Spain 
  • 6 MW of solar panels for project commissioned in Geiseltalsee in Germany