Tata Power Solar provides you with a wide variety of financing options to suit the needs of diverse customers. 

To avail of the benefits of solar power, without upfront capital investment, Tata Power Solar offers options like Pay-as-you-go (PPA), financial lease and operating lease models to our customers.  We work with financial partners who can own or lease the asset, while Tata Power Solar designs and installs the plant, providing performance guarantees and warranties on these power plants. The terms and guarantees on these plants vary with the plant size, location and installation.


Partnering with various financial services partners, and with Tata Power Solar as the EPC provider, the customer enjoys multiple benefits:

  • Convenient method to utilize solar power 
  • Long term security of energy tariff
  • Significant cost savings compared to diesel and in increasing cases – grid electricity as well
  • No upfront capital investment
  • Trusted EPC & Operations and Maintenance
  • Monitoring the solar plant and ensuring guaranteed plant uptimes and guaranteed PR
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