Solar Thermal

Tata Power Solar Systems has a range of solar thermal products that are cost effective as well as energy efficient
The electricity consumption of an average urban household burns an equivalent of one tonne of coal in approximately two months. A significant percentage of this electricity is used to by heating appliances, specifically water heaters. Heating water through electricity is a wasteful indulgence these days, especially when alternative methods are available.
Tata Power Solar's range of solar thermal products are designed for maximum efficiency and cost savings. these include:
Zing solar water heating system
An innovative low-maintenance water heating system that helps consumers save considerable energy costs
Ultima Solar Water Heating System
Ultima solar water heating system is the premium product from Tata Power Solar. This pressurized water heating system is the latest innovation in design, performance and elegance in the industry.
Duro Plus Solar Water Heating System
Unmatched Performance, Elegant Design, Easy Installation, Bare Minimum Maintenance and Highest Inner Tank Thickness best describe the innovative solar water heating system: Duro Plus.
Duro Solar Water Heating System
A unique solar water heater which is built to withstand water hardness upto 1500 ppm and has the highest inner tank thickness in the industry.


Hotmax Nova solar water heating system
A stylish new water heater that is so flexible that it fits any kind of roof, without impairing its aesthetics. High on performance, the Hotmax Nova emphasises Tata Power Solar's leadership position in the Indian solar market.
Vajra Plus solar water heating system
A high-performance water heater with built-in innovation to prevent heat loss.
Eco solar water heating system
The system which makes Economical Ecological and Environmental sense.