Solar lighting

Tata Power Solar Systems' solar lighting products are agents of social change. They are tough, long lasting, cost effective and energy efficient
Tata Power Solar's solar lighting products are cost-effective and built to last, an important facet to consider, especially in the rugged and isolated terrains where our home lighting systems and solar lanterns are sold.

We have a range of solar lighting products:
Tatadeep solar lantern
a high quality portable lighting system with a CFL fixture


Star solar lantern
a robust portable lantern that provides up to three hours of light on a single charge, and can be used as an emergency light during power cuts.
Heera Indoor solar LED lantern
with no kerosene fumes, no smoke, 50 per cent less energy consumption than CFLs and a very long life, these portable LED lanterns are a cleaner, greener way to light up your home.
Jugnu solar home lighting
compact stand-alone home system with a four-hour backup, it is ideal for rural homes where there is either no grid, or where grid power is unreliable.
Venus solar home lighting system
cost-effective and reliable CFL lighting for both domestic and commercial applications in rural areas


Margadeep solar street lighting system
stand-alone systems with built-in automated controls for remote application that provide reliable outdoor lighting for streets, campuses, villages, open spaces, etc.
i2 LED solar lighting
a reliable LED solar lighting system for rural homes that consumes 50 per cent less energy than ordinary CFLs and lasts longer.
iBeam LED solar lighting
Solar-powered LED stand-alone street lighting system that is equipped with automatic sensors and battery back-up makes it ideal for street lights and campuses.