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Tata Power Solar partners with Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) to light up rural Tamil Nadu

Customer Quote

“Tata Power Solar is the only company which has completed a project of this scale in the defined timeline, impacting thousands of households across Tamil Nadu”, said a Senior Government Official related to the project. 


The customer’s requirements


The Tamil Nadu government’s rural development department set up the visionary ‘Solar Powered Green House’ scheme, wherein:


  • Three lakh solar powered houses are constructed in rural areas having limited grid connectivity 
  • Each house to have a provision to run five lights from solar power
  • Solar community / street lighting to empower the rural communities.


To install solar-power systems for these green houses TEDA was looking for a reliable partner who could deliver the project in remote rural areas, across the length and breadth of Tamil Nadu.


Tata Power Solar, with its expertise in developing off-grid solar solutions, was chosen to custom design and install nearly 38,600 home lighting systems, along with 23,500 street lighting systems.


The solution 


Tata Power Solar has successfully managed and installed an equivalent of 5 MW distributed power projects across more than 7850 villages. 


Project Highlights: 


  • Hybrid home lighting solutions: Tata Power Solar custom-designed a home lighting system which can light up to five 9W CFL lamps, for four hours each day. 
  • The AC system has an intelligent power conditioning unit, with an option of using grid, to charge batteries during non-sunny days
  • To optimize  battery life, the system is designed for use between 6:00 pm to 10:00pm.  
  • India’s largest solar street lighting program, with grid backup & optimal power use: Set up specifically in remote locations which have zero access to electricity, these street lights provide uninterrupted power and have become a lifeline for people who can now use the streets even after dusk. 
  • Tata Solar StreetTM predominantly runs on solar energy and is designed to have a grid-backup provision for non–sunny days
  • Unique to this project is the mass implementation of an intelligent electronic system which controls the illumination of light with time, ensuring optimum utilization of solar power, giving independent and complete dusk to dawn operation
  • 7:00pm - 11:00pm the lights run on higher intensity brightness; 11:00pm-5:00am the system intelligently switches to dim lighting; and again from 5:00am-6:00am switches back to higher intensity brightness.  


To ensure the benefit of the scheme is sustained, the program also includes a five year maintenance support through a complaint management call center, which has been setup by Tata Power Solar.




Today nearly every village in Tamil Nadu has a Tata Power Solar lighting system installed.



The home and street lighting systems generate a cumulative 15000-16000 units/day, which result in a substantial cost saving to each household on a consistent basis 

This results in a reduction of 5.2 million units/year of load on the distribution system for the state


Improved quality of life

The program has directly benefitted around 38,600 families, and the home lighting systems have opened up multitude opportunities for the beneficiaries

Street lights are a vital necessity for security and these intelligent lighting installations across 23,500 street points have given the community night long access to mobility 


Employment for the local community 

Nearly 250 people have been employed from the local community, who worked for almost a year on the installations


To ensure that the systems are up & running, an additional of 100 people have been deployed for regular service & maintenance of the equipment.