25 years ago in 1989, we began as a joint venture between the Tata Group and BP Solar. Quickly making our mark as an innovator in this exciting technology, we grew fast, eventually becoming a part of Tata Group in 2012. Garnering a global reputation for quality, efficiency, customer care and reliability, we continue to move swiftly towards our aim: making solar power available to the largest numbers at the most affordable prices.

Today, Tata Power Solar has deep skills and capabilities to provide complete engineering, procurement and construction solutions for large, grid-connected solar power plants of megawatt scale. Our groundbreaking and advanced solar solutions help countless companies and individuals move away from captive diesel plants and their polluting and inefficient ways, to captive solar plants for their factories and businesses.

In partnership with various government, non-profit organizations and rural banks, we have brought essential electricity, water, heat and light to those mired in energy poverty. Our LED and CFL-based systems illuminate homes, streets and communities where there is no grid; our solar-powered water pumps irrigate fields without burning costly diesel; and our solar water heaters provide hot water 24-hours a day to homes and businesses without using a minute of scarce electricity.

The sun has been many things to humankind, and the ancients understood its magnificent power well. They worshipped it in a myriad of ways, not only as a source of light, but of life and growth. Of wisdom and spiritual healing. Without understanding science the way we do today, they figured out that if Earth lives, it is because of this bright star.

This star holds us in its sway. We have immortalized our love for it in temple carvings and cave paintings, textiles and jewellery. We dance around poles on the summer solstice, get married by walking around fire. We have dried dung cakes to line our house walls, soaked out the moisture from strips of meat or fruit to help us survive long journeys. We have used its heat to extract salt from the sea, or dry and disinfect our clothing. It is a clock, a compass and a source of fire to cook our food. In the modern world, sun-worshippers of a different kind throng tropical beaches in order to absorb its gift of colour. We take it for granted - we know it is ours forever.

This microsite commemorates our 25-year journey by highlighting a few of our successes in transforming lives in communities around the country.